Friday, August 19, 2011

Wee Registries!

Well it's official. My first baby shower is September 24th! I say "first" because we are actually having 3. One for my family, one for his family, and one for our friends, due to scheduling conflicts.

My mom's shower is the first one and that's only a short month away. Which meaaaaans I really need to get my registries sorted!!

The great thing about my family though, is every one is computer literate, so that everyone can just buy crap online and not have to go out of their respective caves. Did I mention my family's not very social?

So now I am trying to find things space related ...

I found some really nice bedding with stars on it. I have deleted everything off the two registries and printed off a list and just "started over" because as I was switching back and forth between the two, I noticed I had a lot of the same things on both lists.

So I'll just start from scratch.

I already know a couple of my gifts- one is a rocking chair my mom picked up at a garage sale. Another is my dresser from my room growing up. I'm going to have Brian sand it down and paint it a different color. Maybe with some different hardware on the drawers. I don't know. But it's fun.

Picking out paint samples. Finding stick on stars and planets. It's getting to that fun part! Decorating! I still got to move everything out of the computer room and turn it into a nursery... I have a recliner, 2 desks, 2 chairs and 2 computers, as well as an exercise bike I gotta figure out where this will all go.

But for now, I'm gloriously window shopping. I'm having so much fun looking at baby stuff.

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