Friday, August 19, 2011

Baby Shi-- I mean, Treasures

Picking out baby shit treasures is hard work. I mean, there are only 40,000 themes to choose from. And none of them are "animals in space".

There is a rocket one, but it's 4 pieces and is $160. No thanks.
There is a rocket furniture set and bedding theme. For $1300. WTF. No-freaking-way.

There is a star theme. But it's baby blue and espresso. 13 pieces for $130. Decent.
There are lots of animal themes. Depending on how many pieces in the set, they range from $60-140

I was about to say screw it and just go for Winnie the Pooh, because who doesn't love Pooh Bear (I'm a huge Eeyore fan, by the way)

I was getting very frustrated with picking out a theme because Brian? Notoriously hard to pick a design that pleases him. This is part of the problem living with an artist. Never pleased. He's a known perfectionist.

But then we found something we both agreed on (today!) and it's an ocean theme. Animals under the Sea.

The colors are baby blue and sea foam green. A nice in between color for the walls is turquoise (a light one)
Brian is also going to hand paint snorkeling people and animals on the walls too. He wants to do it on paper, and then paint them and cut them out so we can take them with us when we move. I'm thinking butcher paper and acrylics? Is that doable (ie, cheap and practical enough to work?)

It's hard to get Brian to pick a theme he likes that I like too. To be honest, I pretty much like them all and he pretty much doesn't like any of them, so it is a challenge. About furniture and baby gear, etc, he's really laid back. I can say "hey this got good reviews, and is pretty affordable." He says "ok cool."

I got to get these registries sorted out so that we can actually get things from the shower :) lol

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