Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Sleep and Food Baby

I've had an awful time sleeping during this pregnancy. I just can't get comfortable.

Before my pregnancy, I slept on my stomach. In the weirdest position possible. Ready? Ok. Lay on your stomach with your head turned to the left. Now take your right arm and place it under your pillow, but straight out. Take your left arm and bend at the elbow 90 degrees. Place on top of pillow. Take your left leg and bend at 90 degrees- take up as much of the bed as possible. While doing that you may notice you have to kind of roll up on your hip.

When you wake up your right hand will be so cold that it will feel dead, but otherwise, it was a very good night's sleep. Now do this for 20 years.

So you can kind of see my problem... I sleep in the most ineffective baby carrying position! The second most comfortable position for me is on my back... another baby no no. I woke up yesterday in a panic because I had rolled over onto my stomach and had horrible thoughts/semi-dreams that I had burst my belly and there was a whole lot of blood and a dead baby under me! It really freaked me out! I just had to know if I was freaking out over nothing, or if I was being a horrible mother. What did I do?

I Googled it.

 Is it okay to sleep on your stomach during pregnancy?

Shockingly- YES! It is okay! The major problem with laying on your back is restricting blood flow... you don't have that issue if you are laying on your stomach. Can't hurt the baby, it's too well protected. It's going to get uncomfortable for mom long before it could ever hurt the baby, experts say. 

I slept so well last night.

Partially because of that

And partially because of the mountain of food I ingested.

I made spaghetti. I had a big bowl. It was soooo good. 2 pieces of garlic toast w/ cheese to go along side. Soooo good.

You know when you eat a lot of food and you are full to capacity- you kind of get that stitch in your side? Kind of like you went running for a while, except the reason for getting it was completely unhealthy? Yeah, I got that last night. And woke up with it this morning. Still got it, 14 hours later. I'm wondering if it's partially heart burn (lots of garlic last night) and a little extra gas because, well, things are getting cramped in my belly. My stomach is getting shoved up into my lungs, and my intestines took the place of my stomach, and my baby somehow wedged between them. It could also be some genuine soreness from doing prenatal yoga yesterday, I had never done yoga (except on Wii Fit) and we did a lot of bending to the sides, and I felt something kind of 'pop'. But nothing alarming- kind of like cracking your knuckles.

I don't know. I have no desire to eat yet, so I guess I am still somewhat full. I know that I do actually eat a lot less now that I am pregnant and my formerly normal portion sizes are huge now. I was worried that because I ate so much I might be getting fat again. Brian told me no, I am not. I used to eat all the time (ah so he noticed) and now I hardly eat at all. In fact, he kind of has to remind me to eat.... because I just don't think about it until I get all shaky and light headed.

I'm off to play some more Sims 3... I'm really getting into it again. I can't wait until I am able to buy more of the expansion packs.

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  1. While you're buying baby stuff, invest in one of these: http://www.walmart.com/cp/Pregnancy-Pillows/486986
    Seriously - both of my sisters in law swear by them. Worth every penny!
    You're kinda makin' me want to get pregnant - just so I can lose weight! lol Okay, not really, but it sounds like your body is really getting back on track!
    If you don't want to stuff yourself before bed, try drinking a HUGE glass of water. You might have to get up and pee, but that full belly will give you some good sleep!


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