Monday, August 29, 2011

Today I

-got 400 text messages from my mom asking me how to sell on Craigslist before I was even awake.
-was about to get in shower then realized if I didn't eat NOW I would probably go Godzilla on someone.
-ate Aunt Jemima french toast and sausage, drowned in syrup, naked in the kitchen.
-took a shower and shaved, but only the front side of my legs, as it was too hard to get the back.
-immediately had to throw on clothes and run outside as the dog was about to shit on the floor in front of me
-tried not to look like a hot mess as cute neighbor boy walked by taking out his trash
-listed mom's shit on craigslist
-listed my own shit on craigslist
-was under the impression that I needed to run to my mom's to pick up her shit for craigslist
-was corrected by mom that no, I did not, in fact, need to go over today
-was relieved.
-couldn't find my deodorant (think it's in Brian's car??) so used his.
-contemplated on what to make company for dinner on Saturday. Only came up with dessert.
-contemplated making said dessert today
-realized that was probably a bad idea
-put on hokey pregnant yoga dvd streamed from Netflix
-sat there watching it.
-got off my lazy ass to do it
-did 15 minutes of the 45
-played the Sims 3
-ignored phone calls.
-did a complete load of laundry, start to finish!

See, my day was so busy!

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  1. Sounds pretty full to me! This might be a fun thing to do on my blog too...


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