Wednesday, September 14, 2011

And the Beat Goes On


I had a fantastic interview this morning. Going into it, I told myself to give it my 100% and whatever the outcome I was just thankful for the opportunity to interview. I knew I had a chance, but it was a small one. After all, working at the library means it's notoriously hard to get into, even if you have a MLS. It just ... is. It's one of those positions where supply is always higher than demand. Hence, I only got 2 interviews in 4 years.

But I got there a little early, we had a great time talking and chatting, and had both the ladies laughing the whole time. It was a great experience.

I left not ten minutes later, thinking that I had done my best and I was so happy, and heck, I might even get the job.

3:55 pm.

I got the rejection phone call. We have gone with another candidate, and appreciate your time.

I can't be too sad. I can be a little, of course, but I can't be too sad. I am going to have to go back to school if I want to get my dream job in the library system. Which is okay.

I told them that I appreciated the opportunity to interview and to thank them once again for giving up part of their morning to meet with me.

And the beat goes on.

Brian told me that he thinks it's probably best now that I wait until we have the baby and then start looking for work again. He's probably right.

This day wasn't a total bummer. Not by a long shot, I had a fantastic day! I got paid today and we have paid absolutely every bill except for October's rent. Brian still has one pay check and 2 weeks worth of tips to make, so we are so on track for the month, even with the dog getting sick! Hurray!! It felt so good to tell him that we paid it all.

It's an awesome feeling.


  1. I'm sure that interview felt good! I can relate! That's how I feel when I get out of an audition where I did my BEST! I still may not be what they are looking for (at the moment), but doesn't it feel awesome to shine for just a few minutes? :)

  2. Maybe it's a sign to enjoy your time baby free. Congrats on being paid up! It does feel good to get a ahead.


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