Monday, September 12, 2011

Make Cash Now

Ohhh cash. Cash cash cashcashcash cassssssssssssssh.

I need cash. NEED it.

So here's what I am doing to bring in more CASH.

1. Sell the Wii! 

It's here on eBay and you can totally bid if you want (pleasepleaseplease) You don't even have to bid to win, but it would be awesome if you did. Think of how cool of a Christmas gift it would be!

2. Sell my laptop! 

I still got to get around to taking pictures of it, but it's also going to go on eBay/Craigslist and hope to rake in a little extra dough there too!

3. Roller blades Go Bye Bye!

Sell! SELL! Also need to dig out the camera for this! And the roller blades.

4. Discount, please!

Brian gets a 23% discount on our wireless bill through his work! However, the account has to be in his name first, and they charge $36 to change account ownership, but after that, we will be reaping the rewards. Currently our bill is $100.89 a month, so at 23% off we would be paying $77.69 - a savings of $23.20 EVERY month.

That's pretty much all I can sell right now, unless any one else has any ideas?

Having that extra job will totally help too. I am going to go meditate on that for a while and hope that Wednesday comes soon.

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  1. The change sounds like a great idea. It'll pay for itself in 2 months AND THEN SOME! Good idea.

    My acer crapped out, but I'm not quite ready to buy a new one now... I'm keeping my fingers crossed for a Mac Air come Christmas from Santa...


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