Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Breathe, Christie, Breathe.

Hubby in a bad mood.
That pregnant chick harassing him at work again
He calls and complains, which is fine
But I swear to god I am about to throw down with this pregnant chick.

I know she's 17 and full of teenager hormones and pregnant hormones. Yeah, I get it.
But it bothers me that she can't take no for an answer
Brian calls and asks for advice
I told him to tell her very calmly and plainly "Stop it, or I'm getting management involved"
he said thats harsh
I said act like you're a woman and she's a man and shes always hitting on you
Is it harsh then?
"But I don't want to cause any drama at work."
I don't want to hear about it any more so get her to stop or I swear to god I'll go up there myself and beat some sense into her <-- pregnancy rage filled thoughts

"Yeah but she's disrupting your work and making you uncomfortable. It's how it's supposed to be handled."

She actually told him- TOLD, not asked- that we needed to set up a time so we can go on a double date with her and her baby daddy. Brian didn't say anything, and just left. Her baby daddy works there too and had asked Brian earlier in the day if we wanted to go out on a double date and Brian flat out told him "Sorry, not interested"

So wtf is it like a twilight zone thing where No means Yes, please pick a time?

I distinctly remember being a teenage girl and being retarded. Brian said he remembers being a retarded teenage boy- that's how it is- but come on...

We're ten years older than them. Well, Brian is. I'm not. I'm only EIGHT.

Bah. Let them think that we are going on a double date with them if they are going to be so damn delusional I doubt it would make much of a difference whether or not we actually showed up. They'd probably come into work the next day talking about how much fun we all had. O_o

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  1. OMG! Really?! Does pregger chick and her baby daddy NOT talk?! Geez. Totally agree with your advice.

    So glad I was never THAT retarded as a kid. I was obnoxious in my own way, but never attempted to intervene in even my FRIENDS' relationships, much less my co-workers.

    I did have a boss once invite me out with her, and her husband, and her girlfriend. Apparently the 3 of them were 1 big happy unconventional family. I declined... but when I caught her and her girlfriend doing the deed in the bathroom at work one day... I mean, really?! Couldn't save it for home?

    I hear ya about not wanting to hang out with the younger crowd too, but that's a story for another email.


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