Friday, September 30, 2011

My Son

It finally hit me. I am going to be someone's mother. I just ... I don't know. Today, I woke up and all I could think about was my son. We call baby Drake by all manner of names. Drake, Baby F, Mini Me, Tummy Tumbler, our child... but just thinking "my son" seems to give him a little more identity.

I finally feel like this is real. I mean, really real. I find myself longing to hold him in my arms...

Wednesday is the first day of the third trimester. My mom said "now the fun really begins" but I am not quite sure what she meant by that? Wednesday is also my birthday. Hurray! But I am actually more excited about entering the third trimester instead of my birthday, I either must be getting older or I must officially be a mother.

Ps I love Brian a lot. He asked me what I was blogging about, and then suggested I blog about how much I love him.

I love him so much, I'd have his children. :D

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