Tuesday, September 6, 2011

September Breeze

Oh man, am I ever loving this weather. 64 degrees today and partly sunny- my perfect weather.

Max and I went on a walk, as promised. And I was right, he had no idea what was coming. I started getting ready and picked out some socks. I noticed Max was in his crate, sitting there, shaking and had his head ducked down.

He knew something was up. No one ever wears socks in this house.

I asked him what was wrong and he just shook harder. I told him that every thing was okay and I don't know what to think when he does that. He just looked so pathetic.

Then I got my shoes on and he seemed to sink into a deep depression/worry phase... Something's wrong with him, I swear! But I told him he's being silly.

"Max, come on out."


"Max, come out, come here."

Still nothing.

"Okay, you can stay in here, but I'm going on a walk."

Ears perk up, I have his attention now.

"Yeah, I was thinking I would take you on a walk with me"

He comes out, a little excited but still apprehensive.

"Did you want to go on a walk with me, Max?"

Finally it sunk in- WE WERE GOING ON A WALK!! He ran in circles as fast as he could for about 5 minutes. I didn't interrupt him, because I was too busy laughing my ass off.

I mean, look how stupid happy he gets! I chimed in, clapping and saying "Go Max go!" over and over again, he's tearing through the apartment, running down and up the hall way, around the coffee table and back again.

He calms down enough to where he is just grinning big and eagerly. He whines a little, the only time he makes any noise is when we are going for a walk or going bye byes in the car, impatient for me to get everything around. I'm eating a chocolate fiber bar, and drinking water with deliberate slowness, it seems, from the glares I am getting now. I ignore them and finish my snack.

I grab the keys, my phone, and his leash and away we go! He's in such a hurry to go outside that I have to constantly remind him to "Wait." He does so, but only barely. Obvious effort on his part and I make sure to reward him with lots of praise. "Good Max, that's a good wait!" And finally, we are out the door. We take our time walking. After all, I'm 6 months pregnant so I am not setting any speed records, and Max is just as out of shape as I am, since I haven't walked him since March, at least.

We traipse along, no rush, nothing to do but sniff the air, sniff the ground, watch people, and lick butts (well, Max did all that.) I relished the breeze and watched the trees move in the wind, and enjoyed the crisp fall air. I love fall. 

Max's tongue is lolling out the side of his mouth and he has stopped to sniff absolutely everything. "Leave it" and he runs to catch back up with me, because I didn't stop.

We make it on to the trail. We used to ride our bikes on that trail, remember?

Seems like a life time ago.

But today, no one is out and about. It's just me and Max on this winding road, soaking in nature.

It was heavenly.

Here are some highlights.
Let's sniff this 

Let's sniff over here now 



Sniff over here now 

More trees

Swaying in the breeze

Dead thing with branches

Really tall dead thing with branches

More tall trees

Ahh! Another tree

Look how tall this dead thing is!

Max thought this fence was his best friend. I took a pic for him.

It's an entrance to a secret, far away place. Where they hide dead bodies.

Look how big this field is. GEEZUS.

Squinty sunlight pic- MANDATORY

Attempted introspective pic- MANDATORY

Awesome house peeking out of the trees. WANT.
So I took 3 pictures of myself, walked 40 minutes, wore out my dog, and got in touch with nature and dead things with branches.

Pretty awesome, if I do say so myself.


  1. Looks like a great walk! Glad you guys are avoiding crazy fires and such. It's crystal clear and 85 and you've gotten more vitamin D today than I have. Gotta finish work first. At least the sun doesn't go down here until around 9!

  2. Ahh, I love going out for walks in the fall. I've been thinking lately that I'd love to have my own dog. Of course, I love to travel, and as much as I love having a pet I hate to leave them behind when I go somewhere. Dilemmaaaa.

  3. Haha! That cracked me up about Max!! Yay for walks in the fall! :)


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