Thursday, October 6, 2011


Yesterday was my 24th birthday! woohoo, I'm officially a "20-something" :P

I got lots of birthday wishes, a sick husband, and 2 sets of knitting needles, birthday dinner, and birthday cake and ice cream. 

The day started off perfectly when the FedEx guy arrived with my maternity pants! Woohoo! I tried them on and both pairs fit me perfectly! I got one more package coming Friday, and that has a couple of fall/winter sweaters/tops so I'll be sure to share then. I'm just happy I have pants now. 

Brian's got some sort of man flu- he's had a sore throat and feeling nauseous for the last couple of days. I told him he had morning sickness since I never got it, but he didn't think it was that funny. So he chugged some NyQuil and took the day off work.

After we woke up from our deep sleep, we decided we were hungry and seeing how it's my birthday, we should probably go out to eat. We hit up Applebee's for their 2 for $20. I got 3 cheese chicken penne and he got a chicken fingers platter. I also got a free dessert shooter (ice cream sundae) for my birthday, which we split.

I got 2 sets of knitting needles and am learning Continental style (basically 'left handed') after I failed at English style. 

We got a frozen Pepperidge Farms cake and some Breyer's blast Reese's ice cream. What a perfect end to a lovely day. Tomorrow is Brian's scheduled day off work, so it looks like I get an even better gift: 2 whole days off with my boo :)

I'm exhausted! I'm going to go practice 'casting on' my stitches and learning how to knit and purl so I can make some awesome knitted things.


  1. happy happy happy belated.

    and im now trying NOT to think about how i could be your MOM!! :)

  2. Happy belated birthday! Just wait until you're an "almost 30"! A few more years until that craziness kicks in. lol


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