Friday, October 7, 2011

Oh Baby: The Name

"You do realize his name means 'male duck' right?" 

Yes, I realize what a drake is. I also don't put a lot of faith into name meanings, because they just don't have any power over what a person will become.

My name, for instance, means "Bearer of Christ" and I am not religious in any sense of the word. Further, my middle name means "field" so... yeah. Brian's is "Noble" and Edward (his middle name) means "Wealthy Guardian" so his name is Noble Noble

Wtf... I better not tell him that lol

But apparently, I'm giving birth to the new Jesus in a field, so we each have our own problems I guess!

We finally decided on a middle name, we had been going back and forth on the ones we had listed and we just didn't really like the way any of them fit.

Finally the middle name came to me last night while I was laying in bed. Alexander. Drake Alexander. LOVE it! Of course, kids might call him DA for Dumb Ass but let's hope my kid isn't a dumb ass.

Anyway, according to this website I found Drake means "dragon" which I love. And Alexander? "Defender of the People"

So cool. I sense artwork in the very near future, once I tell Brian.

Poor Brian, he's still suffering from a man cold and has been sleeping all day. I think he's getting better though, he seems to have stopped being nauseous and is now ravenous, eating everything in sight. He even ate multiple servings of cake and ice cream, and he doesn't like cake... so he's definitely sick! He's currently snoring on the couch with the dog sleeping next to him. Max is making weird noises in his sleep too, and occasionally they wake each other up and then fall back asleep. It's quite amusing. I try not to laugh too loudly.

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  1. Drake Alexander is AWESOME! Those of use with more creative minds do associate "drake" with dragon first and foremost. ;) But I agree with you re:names. My foster family called me Virginia. My legal family named me after the Bionic Woman (Jaime). My bio family never chose a name for me. Glad I wasn't named after a state, but since no one can seem to spell and pronounce my name correctly, most folks just call me J. Makes it easy. :) Kids will make fun of ANY name - they are kids. It's what makes us tougher adults. ;)


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