Monday, October 17, 2011

The Results

This morning I got the results of my glucose screen. I have to take the 3-4 hour glucose tolerance test (GTT) because my sugar was high. This could have been partly because of what I had eaten the day of, so now I have to fast for 12 freakin' hours. If I don't eat every four hours or so, I start getting shaky. This is going to suck.

She asked me if I wanted to come in tomorrow morning- pffffttttttt no. I want to eat today. I'm going in Wednesday morning at 9 am (the lab opens at 8:30). No food or drink after 9 pm tomorrow night- this includes water. I'm not allowed to have any water either! Unless I am "dying of thirst" then I get "one or two sips" uggggh. Fine.

I have to stay there for the 3ish hours (the nurse said three, the lab techs can't seem to agree if it's 3.5 or 4) so I need to bring something entertaining I guess. I'm thinking of hitting up Joann's today for some yarn and I'll take along my crochet stuff.

I will know Thursday afternoon what my results are.

I've decided not to stress out about this because I need to know if I am diabetic. I need to know what is going on. If I am, well, then it's time for treatment. If I'm not, hallelujah!

Either way, I'm sleeping from Tuesday 9 pm to Wednesday 8 am and I better not dream about food.

That glucose stuff they give me makes me all jumpy and hyper. I can't imagine how this is going to work after I've not had any food for 12 hours and then have to drink that stuff.

Anyone ever done this before? What about those of you who are diabetic- not just gestational diabetes- did you have to do the same thing?

I am going to savor my food today and tomorrow for sure. I feel like I am being sent to the electric chair, I'm already trying to think of things for my "last meal"... what should I do for it? Any suggestions? I want something filling! Immediately I think "pot pie" lol


  1. Oh my , i'm sorry you have to go thru the test. Yes i had it done long time ago and it is not a bad test at all. just have some thing to read with you. good luck kido im sure you will do fine. love u lots gramma :>)

  2. It's special to gestational diabetes. They usually use a fasting blood test for regular diabetics. hang in there!

  3. hang in there i had to do that too and was just fine


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