Saturday, October 15, 2011


I swear my doctor said to call the office Friday after noon because my results would not be in until then? Or maybe it was before noon, because when I called (at 1 pm) the office was closed for the day.

Now I have to wait until Monday. Whoops.

But oh well, nothing I can do about it. Actually I even forgot all about it until about 10 minutes ago lol

Things are great here.

Brian got involved with a couple of guys who have actually made mobile apps. One is seriously the geekiest programmer ever. The other guy is the story/music guy. And they want Brian to be the art guy. The guy in charge (programmer) runs his own business, can code the shit out of anything, and now he wants to make a mobile app game. The great thing is they are all friends with the other group he was working with, so now he can have 2 projects going on.

The new group is offering Brian free hosting on their server for his website as an incentive. Once the game is out on the marketplace, Brian gets 25% of every sale. Brian said he doesn't even care about money, he just wants to have a published product. I just hope that this one actually goes through. Not that we lose anything out of it except time, but I'm tired of these half-baked schemes.

We paid all of our bills on the 12th. All of them. We have enough money saved back for groceries for the next two weeks and now we can just concentrate on rent. Brian has 14 days left of work up to November 1st. He gets another paycheck. We already have $150 for rent. Brian makes an average of $43/night in tips. Based on that, he is going to make rent on tips alone. And if he doesn't quite make enough, well his paycheck will cover the rest of it. It's such a great feeling! Based on our budget and our earnings, we should be able to finish off our baby emergency fund this month, with an extra $100 or so to start the debt snowball rolling.

I've given up on knitting. It is just too frustratingly difficult for me. I don't know if it's the yarn, the needles or what, but I keep dropping stitches 3 rows down somehow (magically, I swear!) I'm counting stitches, then all of a sudden, there is unraveled yarn in the middle of a row! I don't know how that happens. I was trying to complete a gauge swatch, which has to be a 4" x 4" but it takes me too long to even knit 2". I kept trying but I am just not happy with my results/efforts. So screw it. I'll just keep crocheting. I like it better, I'm at an intermediate level and I am pretty fast with it. I found some patterns I want to try, so I'll have to get some more yarn and get to work on them.

My ligaments in my hips are stretching/softening. I can tell because it really hurts to do just about anything. Sitting, laying down, walking... yeah it's all a pain. But it's alright. I am not complaining (too much) because I just finished Biggest Loser season 9 with Michael weighing in at 526 lbs... I can't even imagine his pain at that size, so I don't have much to complain about :)

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