Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Screen

Mmmmm so I spent all of last night trying to get to sleep but couldn't. Then I had the glucose screening, which was not that bad. The sugary drink they gave me was sort of like flat orange soda. After that, they tested my urine sample and told me I had sugar in my urine. Really? Wow. Sarcasm. The sugar drink hit my system HARD. I am jittery, and ADD and fidgeting like crazy. Also it gave me horrible gas. I don't know why but it was noxious.

My blood pressure is even better than last time. I'm at 112/86 instead of 120-something. I told the nurse that I would not like to see my weight, please, because it upsets me. She was great about it. My blood draw went great, found the vein immediately- one stick! Woo! Probably because my veins were bulging out from all the sugar.

I got some questions answered about when I get the results back, which should have been today, but my appointment was so late in the afternoon that the doctor's office closed shortly after my draw. I will get them tomorrow before noon. I met with my doctor and his new nurse practitioner. Once again, I'm right on the money for my growth, I'm average in heartbeat and everything else. I found out that I can start taking Xanax again if needed after birth, since my dosage is so low. He also said that anxiety medicine was okay to take, it is class C and D drugs that he is worried about (whichever those are!) He also thinks I won't need it as often as I used to, but I told him we will see. I don't deal with stress very well.

I got some recommendations for pediatricians and how soon he wants me to go to the hospital, which is really really.... early. As soon as I start having contractions or as soon as my water breaks, they want me to go to the hospital since it's my first one. Hmm we will see about that. He said not to worry, we will talk about this more after I hit 36 weeks.

I now go every 2 weeks to the doctor, woo hoo. Sarcasm. I go every 2 weeks until December 1st, then it's every week until I'm ready to pop.

Anyway, I'm off to play more Plants Vs Zombies.


  1. When I was pregnant and I took the one day labor and delivery class one thing that stuck with me was this: The sooner you go in the sooner you no longer get to eat. and possibly walk around and plain just be comfy in your own world. My teacher said wait as long as you can to go into the hospital. I didn't get that option with an induction but I was seriously hungry by the time everything was over. I had been without food for well over 24 hours by the time everything was over. The every two week thing isn't so bad with just one dr. I had 2 dr appts every week at that point because of G.D. then both every week til delivery. It was super fun :/ not really.
    Good luck, everything sounds great!!!

  2. I agree with RustiAnn! Walking around is actually GOOD for you when you're struggling through labor. Western medicine's positioning (laying prone or in stir-ups in bed) is designed to make the MD's life easier, not necessarily the pregnant woman.


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