Saturday, November 5, 2011

Eat This, Not That!

If you haven't seen the Eat This, Not That! books around, I recommend picking one up (either at your local library or just your bookstore!) because it is jam packed with great nutritional advice....

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It tells you things you already should know. That eating real, whole foods is best. That eating processed foods is not. But it also considers real life. You know, how we go out to restaurants and like to eat our ice creams. It gives you food swaps... instead of eating 1 cup of Ben and Jerry's ice cream, have 1 cup of Breyer's all natural in the same flavor... and save a few hundred calories!

It's one of those books that gives you the information you need to realize the choices that we are making aren't always fantastic... but it doesn't make you feel guilty about eating anything. It simply gives you knowledge, tells you leaner options, and leaves it up to you to do what you will about it.

I really like it. It's small enough to toss in your purse or keep in the car for quick little dips. I got the 2011 version and it has a supermarket guide and also an extensive restaurant guide. I'm hoping to also get the supermarket survival guide, which is exclusive to grocery products and also the kids' edition. Since I'm having one and all. I'm not planning on using it as the "no diet diet" as it is called... but I am planning on using it as a reference and a tool. Like a responsible adult! wow... when did that shit happen?

Brian and I have been talking about eating more at home and one of my desires is to start cooking from scratch. I have some reservations because I love baked goods. If I made my own biscuits, I'd probably make them all the time and be a huge fat ass. I am trying to come up with a solution for that... but I love cooking and want to continue to expand my knowledge and make great, home made meals.

Reading the Eat This, Not That! book has shed a little more light on to the subject of nutrition for me. I realize I have little knowledge in that area. I mean, I know what calories and macronutrients are. I know the difference between a complex and simple carb, but I don't know enough about the rest of it.

I want to make better decisions about eating. I don't know if I will ever get to the point where I love fruits and veggies, but I am hoping that even swapping out one food for a slightly better version will help me get to that point. Brian wants to go balls to the wall and get rid of soda, caffeine, and anything that is not 100% natural. I love how he can eat fresh fruits and veggies all the time... but I am going to need to take baby steps.

I'm interested in hearing your recommendations for books and movies/documentaries on nutrition and eating better. But please- nothing that is all like "100% vegetarian/vegan- meat is evil!" stuff, because I am not really interested in becoming meat less. I just want to be more informed. Scientific, non-biased (or as little bias as possible) views will be my best options. 

Also, I just bought a Kindle so anything that is an e-book = win ;)


  1. When i was thin...I was always hungry lol
    I will join weight watchers with you after baby and that book will help us lots!

  2. Oddly enough - this isn't a diet book, but it's something that I feel has made me wiser about life and helped me clear my thinking - The Last Lecture. Not the you tube video, but the book. Healthy living is a part of it, but most of all, it reminds me what we have to life FOR. And NOTHING is more motivating to help me make good decisions than being reminded of what life is all about.

  3. Baking, for me, is therapeutic. I used to make (though haven't in a long time) my own pizza dough and froze it. Defrosts well and allowed me to make healthier pizzas and flatbreads than I could otherwise.


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