Sunday, November 6, 2011

Once Bitten...

Me thinks I am in nesting mode again... because I had this huge, overwhelming desire to tackle all the laundry in the house today (and I mean ALL the laundry!) as well as tackling the kitchen. I even made Brian drive me to the store for cleaning supplies at 1 am.

This is extremely odd. Not going to the store at 1 am; that's actually normal. The odd thing is the cleaning. And not just regular "wash dry fold" kind of laundry... I took out the filters in the washing machine (weird our machine as filters...) and scrubbed them clean. I did the same thing with the lint filter in the dryer. And I noticed that the cavity the filters sit in collect a lot of lint.... so I asked Brian to vacuum them out with the hose attachment.

Weird... I know.

Then I got a growing pain... or two. I am hoping they are growing pains, at least. I'm not quite ready to meet the little one just yet. I only had two and it's been over an hour since, and they weren't super strong... so I am praying they were just growing pains.

I'm trying not to let the thought of early labor get to me... because I keep having these weird dreams where my water breaks and I end up flooding the room... clearly I am getting anxious about the impending birth. I keep trying to keep my head on straight.

Brian said that he would rearrange the nursery for me tomorrow. Except I need to draw up a diagram of how I want it to look. What a great husband! He's also been extremely helpful with all the laundry and kitchen nonsense I've been putting him through.

The cleaning bug has bit me... and it itches like crazy.

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  1. does really feel good to "Get your house in order" sometimes...true accomplishments.


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