Monday, November 7, 2011

Exciting News

Hello! Hurray, I got some exciting news! Brian's grandparents called him today and want us to come up and visit on the 19th! I love visiting them! Grandma said that it would be our Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Grandpa's birthday all wrapped up in one day! Grandpa's birthday is on the 20th. (That's a lot of celebrating)

I can't wait! She asked how I was doing and Brian told her I was doing really well, besides some minor aches and pains. Grandma then asked if I have been getting crampy lately (can she sense my cramps??) and he said yes, I was. She assured him (and me!) that it was normal. Grandma's a retired nurse. Cracks me up.

Really, it made me realize just how easy I've had it. Yeah, I'm sore, I'm crampy, cranky, and limited in ways I never thought I would be, but on a scale from 1-10, my pregnancy has been like a 1.25 :) So I'm taking it in stride.

Another reason I love his grandparents? His grandma is so cutting edge. They came to the baby shower and were showing off their Kindles they bought for their latest trip to Canada. Totally jealous! (I bought one eventually) and tonight she told Brian that she just had her internet company set her up with wireless in her house so she could... get an iPad.

Blown away.

Brian's grandma is going to be the first person I know personally to have an iPad. And Brian gets to play with it first to set it up for her.

She's so hip. I hope I'm that hip when I am a grandma.

I think Grandpa is going to be.... 89??? Last I remember he was 88 and I remember us going for a walk with him and their dog, and Grandpa could walk faster than Brian and I... it was kind of humbling. No wonder they travel everywhere! He's got a lot of gas in his tank! I think that was last year. I can't remember if it was or not... maybe it's his 90th??!

I'm excited either way. Can't wait. Roll on the 19th!

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  1. Wow! They are totally hip! Sounds like my folks! lol I'm content with their hand-me-down technology. lol (Though, if a Macairbook suddenly appeared on my doorstep, I would give it a GOOD AND LOVING HOME.)lol


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