Wednesday, November 9, 2011

You Have My Sympathies

I've got Brian reading the Expectant Dads section of What to Expect When You're Expecting and it's shed a little light on what's been going on with him lately.

You see, he gained a little weight. He thought it was bloat from eating out too much and drinking too much soda. Then he started to worry it was a beer belly (even though he hardly drinks- oh the lies we tell ourselves lol)

As he was reading, he kept saying "Oh my god!" and "Hmmm...."

When I asked him about it, he told me that he must be experiencing sympathy pregnancy symptoms. (Common in about half of all men).

-He's gained weight (10 lbs. Poor thing weighs 195 now. I can relate how devastating it is to see that number... but I'd kill to weigh that much lol)

-He's craving sweets. The man does not have a sweet tooth by nature. Suddenly, he does.

-He's having mood swings. Not as dramatic as mine, but for a man who doesn't emote very often, it's noticeable.

-His libido has diminished. And not because I look like a giant whale clad in a lacy nightie... no, he's just all around less interested in sex. This was a gradual, but noticeable, change. It's very unusual because he normally has a very high libido (part of the reason we got pregnant in the first place! haha)

It's nice that he is experiencing some of the same things I am, but I feel terrible for him gaining weight. Especially now that he has mood swings, because he gets really mopey :(

He did say he was glad to read the section in the book though, because it was very informative and easy to read. I got my Kindle today, so tomorrow at the doctor's office, I might even be nice and let him read some more of it on my Kindle :)


  1. I think its great that he is learning along with you...about himself as well.

  2. My uncle got that when his wife got pregnant. The matching bellies were hysterical (but I think it was all the ice cream - she had terrible heart burn that seemed to help).

    The more I read about pregnancy, the more I want to adopt. lol Though there is something called a Paper Pregnancy, when you have all that nesting and emo swings and all that, WITHOUT being pregnant. People are a lot less forgiving when they can't see a belly. lol


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