Monday, November 7, 2011


I'm still nesting... I guess. I have been working really hard on cleaning the house. Not sure why it suddenly hit me to clean ALL THE THINGS but it has. 

Our dishwasher is a POS. We are having maintenance come look at it, but we don't have our hopes up. I have been doing dishes by hand. I've noticed a few things. 1) It takes less time to do all the dishes that way and 2) it really hurts my lower back. I have to stand away from the sink a bit because of the baby bump, which means I have to lean forward/over slightly... ouch. 3) I'd rather do dishes than laundry. 

I ordered a Kindle and it should be here on Wednesday. 

Thursday is my 2 week check up. I've been having more crampy feelings, which is a little cause for concern. Am I just growing? Are they Braxton-Hicks? Hmm. It's probably nothing (famous last words!) but I am going to bring it up anyway. They don't get stronger or more frequent but they are enough to make me stop what I am doing and they hurt.... so we will see. 

I drew up the floor plans for the nursery and also decided I wanted to rearrange our bedroom. I made a few designs of each room and let Brian pick which he wanted to do, since he has to move the furniture. I'm so nice, right?? But he says he actually likes to rearrange every few months, so I'll let him ;)

Day 2 of caffeine detox... so far so good... I'm not miserable...maybe it's because my body hasn't realized it yet? Or maybe I will be lucky and skip withdrawal haha... one can wish right??

The rest of this week will be spent moving furniture around and making sure everything is cleaned. I also have this incredible urge to start packing for the hospital stay as well... hmm wonder how long I can deny that impulse??

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  1. I feel the same way about our dishwasher. I have to be REALLY DESPERATE to use it, but usually I don't see the point since I have to pre-wash everything anyway. But they've made it clear they have no intentions of replacing appliances, no matter how old, dented, or beat up they are. As long as they run, the management doesn't see a problem with it, so I try my best to do dishes as I eat. A LOT easier to do when I'm flying solo than when there are 2 of us. How weird is that?

    I feel the SAME WAY about laundry vs dishes! I have NO idea why. Probably the folding...As much as I hate doing it, I usually end up living out of baskets. Gah! Tonight, folding is on the menu!

    Right after I break in Just Dance 3! :)


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