Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Rain, Rain, Go Away

It is raining like a beast today. I am staying inside where it is warm and dry. Poor Brian though, he's out in the rain all evening.

 Tomorrow is my first weekly check up. I think it's just a pelvic exam. What kind, I'm not sure. Maybe a pap and the group b strep swab? Or he could be checking to see if my cervix is ripening. Either way I'm looking forward to getting it done with.

 Nothing makes me nervous like the dr inspecting my nether region. I worry more about personal grooming for the dr than I do for Brian lol! I always wonder if I smell ok, if I'm clean enough, make sure I got on clean panties, did I shave my legs? Am I too hairy? Am I hairy enough? I don't want to look prepubescent. The exam itself is no sweat. I don't mind going, I just want to look presentable and not be a topic of discussion for the nurses for the rest of the day lol

 I woke up with the most intense heart burn today. Two Zantec haven't cured it yet. Milk makes it worse. Brian teases me that the milk is "too spicy". Har, har. It says not to take more than 2 every 24 hrs. But I'll probably take another one.

 Rainy day equals chicken noodle soup from scratch for dinner. The only thing I didn't make by hand was the noodles.

 Brian was talking to his friend at work who just had a baby. He asked her if the baby ever kicked "obscenely low" lol and she told him yes. She also mentioned that at 8 months, she was dilated 3 centimeters. So of course he is wondering if I'm going the same route. He really wants the baby born and home before Christmas. Healthily, of course. I told him 37 weeks is considered full term and that's December 8th. He may get his wish.

 I'm ready to have the baby too, just so I can see my feet again and go upstairs with out breaking a sweat and becoming winded. It's a lot harder being pregnant than it was being 240 lbs. I've got an extra 31 lbs on my already overweight frame. That can't help either.

 Baby bump update tomorrow instead of Thursday.


  1. Uhm, yeah, I feel you on the pelvic exam. I was supposed to have a pap smear before I started birth control but I somehow managed to wiggle my way out of that. So far I have not had to let anybody besides my hubby near my hoo-ha, but I will be a mess when it actually happens and over analyze EVERYTHING.

    Noodles are surprisingly easy to make from scratch. Flour. Eggs. Salt. That's it. Then you roll it out and cut it and boil it. Although I would soooo not be doing that if I was pregnant.

  2. Pelvic exams are no sweat, when you're in in the right frame of mind. I remember "assuming the position" MANY times during my ovarian surgery crap. It's NEVER fun having someone poke around up there, but it is what it is. Don't worry - having worked in an OBGYN office, you'll only be made fun of if you're tattooed or pierced or something REALLY unusual like that. They've seen waxed, hairy, shaved, trimmed, etc. :)


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