Thursday, November 3, 2011

Week 32: Bump Update

No doctor's visit this week. But I did promise a bump update every week for the last 10 weeks. Now we are at week 32 and we only have 8 weeks left to greet our little one. Wow. 8 weeks. 56 days.

Baby Drake is about 16.7 inches long and he weighs about 3.75 lbs and we can expect him to gain an average of half a pound a week. At week 37, he will be 90% of his full term birth weight. Baby is packing on the pounds!! Grow baby, grow!!

I can't help but be very excited. We are turning a corner... in the last stretch of the baby making game.

It's getting more difficult to sleep through the night. I am definitely restless. Between my hips hurting and not being able to get comfortable, it's a struggle. I am trying to find what is best for me right now. It's definitely affecting Brian too. All of my tossing and turning keeps waking him up.

I may just sleep on the couch... it's a more comfortable option right now, sadly.

It's kind of interesting and also a little nerve wracking to know that even though I technically have 8 weeks to go, Drake will come when he wants to. He could come early, he could come late, he could come right on his due date and be that odd 5% of babies who are born that day. I love that babies make up their own minds. It shows that they definitely have their own personalities.

Drake's favorite thing to do? Stretching out! His little feet like to press out against my tummy right under my rib cage. He then uses his arms and bangs against my lower abdomben, right above my pelvis. Sometimes, he will do both those things and also get hiccups. Which can last for-ev-er.

It's cute, because I can press down where his feet are pushing on my tummy and he will push back as hard as he can. My poor abs. Getting poked from both sides! Hahah.

I have a going home outfit for Drake already picked out. I can't wait to meet the little guy.

Anyway, here's how we've grown this week:

Girl look at that baby!

I walk around like this all the time haha

32 Weeks and loving it!

Next week: A doctor's appointment- measure and weight update. That will be my second-to-last bi-weekly visitation, then we start going weekly!


  1. Awww you look so good! I LOVE that he pushes back on your abs. That almost made me cry a little for some reason, haha.

    So sweet.

    Don't expect to get any more sleep than you are now AFTER the baby comes. ;)

  2. Awww...i dont have any kids but this totally made me all mooshy and emotional. You look so happy and gorgeous!


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