Thursday, November 10, 2011

Week 33: Update

We are almost officially at 8 months: that will be next Thursday! So that means this week, I am 7 months and 3 weeks pregnant. Holy crap!

 I had a doctor's appointment today.

I hate going to the doctor really...

My weight: 253 (+30 lbs in 33 weeks) = AVERAGE
My blood pressure: AVERAGE- same as last time
Baby's heart beat: AVERAGE- same as last time

Interesting to note...

The nurse was acting kind of weird when we first got there and asked me if she called me this past week. I said no, were you trying to? "Oh good, because we had you scheduled for a colposcopy" (which is basically an up-close look at the cervix.)

This confused me, because I thought she said colonoscopy- QUITE different. I was wondering how she would know the state of my colon, anyway. Hahaha my mistake.

The funny thing is, I have had a colposcopy before- right before they shaved off a good chunk of my cervix. So I was not overly pleased about hearing that I was scheduled for one. Then I was let off the hook, because they had the wrong Christine. In 2 weeks, the last bi-weekly appointment, I will have a pap smear. I think. I heard the words "pelvic exam" and "culture sample" so I am assuming it's either a pap or for the group b strep or both. Swab away, doc. Swab away.

How's Mom-to-be this week?: Aside from the hot flashes and the joint pain, I'm good. Still in nesting phase and I am wondering if I will be done with that any time soon. I'm tired of cleaning. I keep having weird pregnancy dreams. Meh. I'm over those.

How's Baby this week?: Kickin'! We had fun at the doctor's office today. We couldn't hear the heartbeat- just the echo- but even with the echo and all the kicking and squirming the baby was doing, we figured he was fine. The doctor reassured me that happens alot. I wasn't worried- I know my baby's fine. He kicks me in the ribs every day to let me know he's fine lol

How's Dad-to-be this week?: Since Brian learned about his sympathy symptoms, he's been doing a lot better. It's always good to figure out the cause of one's problems. Also, he is geared up for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim to be released at midnight tonight.

I'd take a picture, but my camera battery died. :( I'll update with one tomorrow.

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