Sunday, December 18, 2011

84 Percent

84 percent. That's how far I am along in my scarf. I'm almost done. Just 16 more rows, then a border and maybe fringe. And we are done! I am thinking of what my next project could be.

There are a few things I am contemplating. Whether or not I should attempt an afghan, a baby blanket, maybe a doily or two. I really want to do something in the round, and that would work for all of the above projects. Brian also suggested I could make a bag for my iPad. I think if I did that, I'd want it to be in wool, so I could felt it.

I've got yellow, blue, and pale green yarn and a lot of it. That would be perfect for the baby blanket. I also have a whole thing of cotton thread for doilies.

There is also a technique called "interlocking crochet" where one side of a project has one pattern and the other side has a different pattern. It looks like it would be a lot of fun and challenging to figure out. I have lots of spare yarn just for attempting silly things like that too.

I want to use my yarn stash instead of buying new yarn. I'm pretty poor right now, so I couldn't afford new yarn even if I didn't have any to work with. I guess it will be a baby blanket then.

I wonder, should I do motifs? Granny squares? circles to squares? here are my ideas.

For the motif, I'd crochet a bunch of these together in alternating colors, then stitch together to make a blanket.

Or I could go another route, or rather shape, and do this one

Each hexagon would be a different color, and then they would all be sewn together to form a blanket.

Then there is the classic granny square.

Or I could do something like this

This one is done with the same principle as the others, ie make a lot of squares then sew together, but it does bigger pieces and smaller pieces to give it a sort of asymmetrical look about it.  Also it has such fun geometrical shapes! Going from circles to squares!

Any of these would be easy to do, you just whip up a bunch of them in different colors and then slap them all down and stitch them together. I think it would be a lot of fun to try the hexagon one for a unique look. The quatrefoil looks fun too. Actually, they all look fun. I have several hundred yards of each color, so I don't think yarn will be the limiting factor. The limiting factor appears to be me making a decision!

*All images are from Lion Brand's website.

Anyway, I'm going to get some more crocheting done. I want to try and finish it up tonight! I work a lot so in between shifts it's a great way to decompress. I'll be sure to upload the finished project tomorrow and tell you which one I picked. In the mean time though, why don't you tell me which one you think would look neat?


  1. LOVE the last one! My Grandmother made me a couple blankets that with the first pattern you showed. They were beautiful, but really light so not a real functional lap blanket.


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