Monday, December 12, 2011

Never Mind

Well I was supposed to go to the doctor's today, but at 9 am, I got a call from the office saying that the doctor had to go and perform an emergency c-section so my appointment was canceled. I rescheduled it for the normal day and time- Thursday at 1:30 pm.

I don't have a week 37 doctor's appointment but that's alright. I'm back to my normal schedule of Thursdays and that will bring me to week 38. Which includes a pelvic. Weeee.

Anyway, I hope the emergency c-section went alright for both mom and baby and that everyone came out of that one okay. It's a scary thing to face the knife, and I am sure it's terrifying to have to face it quite suddenly and unexpectedly.

It reminds me how lucky I am to have such a normal pregnancy with no complications. I am really thankful I wasn't the one under the knife today. I know I complain about being pregnant a lot, but this really hits it home how grateful I am that I am only sore tired and cranky. My baby is perfectly healthy and so am I. I really can't ask for any thing more than that.

I feel a lot better today- almost back to normal. I made Brian his favorite dinner in the whole world last night! I made chicken parmesan. I've never shallow fried anything before, so it was a fun and exciting experience to try it out. I breaded up some chicken thighs and shallow fried them in the skillet for about 4 minutes per side, then I spooned some spaghetti sauce and cheese over them and put them under the broiler for 3 minutes- again, I've never used the broiler (with any success!) so I was pleasantly surprised when the whole meal turned out great!

He brought home some garlic bread with cheese too! Yum!

As I was cooking, I was thinking of how spoiled my kid is going to be. Sure not every day is going to be chicken parm, and there will be hot dogs with mac & cheese days, but one of my favorite memories growing up is my mom cooking a big meal for us to enjoy. I can't wait to carry on that tradition.

I'm totally in the mood for fried chicken, mashed potatoes, and biscuits.

I think the baby wants it too, now he's kicking up a storm! :) It's healthy if you don't drink soda with your meal right? As long as you drink water with your meals? Hahahaha... ok, maybe not. But I can dream right? And then ask Brian politely if we can hit up the KFC later for lunch :) Won't be as good as my mom's but I am sure that it is easier :)

Maintenance is supposed to be coming by sometime today and taking a look at our dishwasher. Brian called them Friday and they said they would get to us today. So far, nothing. Meh. I tried going back to sleep but I'm all wound up now and can't seem to relax. Also it doesn't help that Brian doesn't want to come back to bed so I don't have anyone to cuddle :( Even the dog isn't tired. Hahaha.


  1. Hopefully in your big meals, you can instill some healthier habits in Drake, so he won't have the weight struggles you've had to struggle through. Then again... guys lose weight just LOOKING at a scale!

  2. My mom was supposed to make chicken parm last night, and now that I read this, I'm terribly jealous because it sounds amazing. She used to make big meals for us, too, and so did my grandma. I miss that kind of stuff - I think it'll be a kick-ass tradition to carry on for our little families, though. =)

  3. So glad your pregnancy is going well. I love the way you count your blessings. I think food has a way of bringing families together. Sunday dinner were a must at my mom's house and I do the same t hing... when our schedules permit that is...

    Very happy for you... gosh, I'd love some chicken with parm right now.


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