Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Bed Rest and Broomsticks

Day 2 of bed rest for me. Despite how naturally lazy I am, this is getting very boring and tedious. The only thing that helps is having an iPad to play games on and browse the net. As well as blog. As you will notice the iPad formats my blog a little differently. Plus my belly is so big I can balance the device on it and type lol! Right now it's about 3 pm which is the baby's active time so he is kicking me and the iPad is dancing on my stomach. Incredibly cute. Brian got a kick out of it. Why is it the second we are not allowed to do something it's all we want to do? I want to walk around. Every time I do that though I get contractions. Not really strong ones but uncomfortable enough to be noticed. At the store for an hour yesterday and had two. yesterday I had a little cramping as well.ugh but tomorrow he is considered full term. No doctor appointment til Monday though. Lots of inquiries from family and friends but I promise you all you will know when the time comes. Like I keep anything secret hahaha there are other indications that change is coming nothing to signal the on set of labor though. No water breaking. Able to talk through the few contractions I have. Baby hasn't dropped. But changes are there. I have a little bit of "show" which is nice medical talk for an irritated cervix. Its irritated because it's changing. I'm irritated by change as well so I understand lol my tummy hips lower back and breasts are all super tender. It's an interesting sensation but not one I care for. Tonight is Brian's long night a work and I've been pretty much forbidden to do anything unsupervised. I actually had to shower WITH the door open today. Lol. He really wants me to have the baby but at the same time he's determined that I heed orders and!!! Lol Time for the first coma of the day.

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