Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Preparations: Stocked Up

We went to the store tonight. I had one goal in mind: stock up! Stock up on everything that I will need to feed my husband and myself for a while.

This week, my store seemed to heed my prayers because EVERYTHING frozen was on sale. A lot of what wasn't frozen was still on sale and at a stupid retarded low low price of ....



No 10/$10 mix and match nonsense.

Just a shit ton of items on sale for $0.99

I love that they put the weekly circular on the website. I love that you can create a shopping list online. I love that you can print it off, and it will GIVE YOU THE PRICE so there is no reason you should go over... unless you buy shit that's not on your list, then of course you will go over.

It doesn't take into account tax, but if you are buying all/mostly food/essentials then there isn't any tax.

Anyway. I saw that this week frozen breakfasts in particular were on sale. So was everything Stouffer's (that included Lean Cuisine as well).

Here's what I loaded up on:

Frozen juice from concentrate (.99)
Aunt Jemima frozen breakfasts (.99) - I got pancakes with sausage links
Homestyle frozen waffles ($3.50) this was a huge 24 count box.
Stouffer's french bread pizzas (5/$10)
Hot pockets (5/$10)
Tyson crispy chicken strips
Tyson grilled chicken strips
Lifesavers hard candies + Dum Dum lollipops (for the hospital)
Granola bars (for Brian at the hospital)
Lunch meat
English muffins
Marie Callendar's frozen entrees for Brian.

We spent $68 and saved $20 just by buying things that were on sale. Our weekly budget is about $75 so we did really good!

Our freezer is jam packed full of goodies. I still need to tackle the pantry next. I've got enough frozen meatballs + spaghetti noodles + sauce to make 4 batches. I also want to pick up some more mac and cheese, Alfredo sauce, soups, instant potatoes, instant rice, frozen chicken breasts, canned tuna, bread, and frozen veggies. Basically I want to get all the items I need for quick meals such as spaghetti, chicken alfredo, chicken salad, tuna salad, tuna noodle casserole, baked chicken. I also need to stock up on some toilet paper and dog food.

I might use Amazon for the toilet paper and dog food. They have a subscribe and save feature where you can buy items and have them shipped every x amount of days to your house for free. If it's baby items, I save 30% (on diapers, wipes, etc) if it's anything else, it's 15% at least.

Imagine never having to run out for toilet paper or dog food or laundry detergent. How cool. Have I mentioned I love the internet yet? Yay for internet!

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  1. Before you hook yourself up through Amazon, you might want to check the Ebates store and see if any of them offer the same type of service! Might as well earn money back every time!I know is on there, and they offer 1-5% back every time., Walmart, etc is on there too. One step closer to that trip...


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