Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Good News!

As you might remember, Brian put in for a transfer to the new store opening up. Well we got some good news on that front: He got in.

Also some extra information-

First, the new store is what they call a "DELCO" which means its a delivery and carry out store only- no dining in option.

Secondly, he is one of 2 full time drivers.

Third, the new store took over the delivery area of one store completely, and parts of two other stores. The delivery area is huge!

The store will be opening up sometime in January! We are really excited because it means he will be closer to home, he will not have to use as much gas, and he will probably make a LOT more in tips, considering the store is going to be mostly delivery with a huge delivery area. This is so exciting!

Could you believe that we almost weren't considering this? I'm so glad he told me how he really felt and that he really wanted the transfer. It's nice also that his manager is giving him preference to hours and location, because he knows that we are about to have the baby. I am not worried about Brian being home less. If it ends up that I need a little extra help at home, he can easily rearrange his schedule.

It's so funny how we tried to plan things out. We were wanting to move up north so badly this next year because we would be closer to my family and have more help with the baby... but we get an opportunity like this and we just seize it. We are definitely learning to deal with "come what may" because there really is no sense in planning it out... it just gets confusing and frustrating. All we can do is our best and take opportunities as they present themselves. Which seems to be working out very well for us so far.

After all, we weren't planning on becoming a family this year. We weren't planning on staying here another year at least either... but I am so glad that our plans fell through!


  1. "I am not worried about Brian being home less." - The first time I read this sentence, I read that you weren't worried about Brian being homeless. I was like, "Why would he be homeless?! They seem happy!" lol
    Isn't it funny how we stress SO much, but things tend to work out?


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