Wednesday, December 28, 2011


We are entering the final 24 hours before I am admitted into the hospital. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't counting the minutes as well as the hours. I am so excited!! It's an interesting feeling...

I'm about to meet a complete stranger that I both know everything and nothing about. It's weird.

I've carried him for 9 months. I've heard his heart beat dozens of times. I've felt every kick and twitch. I've counted many of them. I've even seen his picture in black and white. I've seen his little nose. I've seen that he is, in fact, a boy. I've spent months getting all his little clothes ready. I've packed his things for the hospital.

And now, we are going to meet him this weekend.

My tiny little sea monkey is about to become a real baby. A newborn.

Oh it's so exciting!!

I can't wait to meet him. I wonder...

what will he look like?
whose eyes does he have?
what color hair will he have?
what kind of personality will he have?
will he be a happy baby or a cranky one?
what will he grow up to be?
what will be his passions in life?

I'm not really thinking of how labor and delivery will go... yet. I am trying to keep my mind off of it. I've read up on lots of induced labor stories. Some were terrible experiences and others were great, but one thing was common: all ended with happy moms and happy babies. Another thing too, it seems like 12 hours after pitocin was started is about when the baby was born... so that's not terrible. I can handle that. It's a good average... but I am also preparing mentally that it will be longer than that. I am also trying to keep in mind that there is a chance for a c-section too... but I really don't think that will happen to me.

Never hurts to be prepared!

so I stuffed my iPad full of goodies. I downloaded a bunch of books. Some on crochet and some on babies. I got a bunch of free books from the app store. They are children's books that actually read the story to the child, which I think is so cool! :)

I'm loading the iPad up with music. I'm going for some classical/orchestra music. I like film scores and the like... anything without lyrics. It's easier to concentrate on other things with.

23 hours and 57 minutes to go... and counting!


  1. Don't forget to get "busy" before you go if you can! It might hurry things along! The BEST natural form of petocin comes in the form of the male orgasm. (go figure!)

  2. Hey! I'm SO excited for you!! I remember when my little boy was born, hearing him cry for the very first time, I cried too! I wanted to let you know, I am a massage therapist, I specialize in pregnancy and labor massage. There are acupressure points you can press and hold that are believed to help stimulate labor and help open the cervix. I helped a friend of mind who was trying to go into labor naturally, she didn't want to be induced and she had no signs of labor even starting. I worked the points and she went into labor and had the baby less than 30 hours later.

    Here is a link to a you tube video, she as 3 videos, I recommend watching all 3. These are all good points to press.

    Now at the beginning of the video she mentions for women to use these points who are 40 weeks or over, since you're being induced you can use these points even if you're not 40 weeks or over. But in these videos she explains how to find the points correctly, which is awesome.

    If you have any questions about the points email me, I would be happy to answer :)

    Good luck! I hope you post pictures of your little man for us!

  3. The Ipod is a great idea! My first son was born to an awesome 80's mix! LOL
    Good luck! The best, most awesome little person is about to come into your life. Soon you will wonder what life was ever like before him!


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