Sunday, December 4, 2011


A new store is opening up just down the road from us. Brian's store manager was offered the position to take over the new store and he asked Brian if he wanted to transfer over.

Brian's going to take the transfer. It will mean that we won't be able to move... but the more we think about it, the more we want to stay. Maybe not in this apartment complex forever... Fort Wayne feels like home now.

The new store comes with a host of benefits. Shorter commute. Closer to home. Large delivery area. Primarily to businesses. Seems people are always more generous with company cash than they are with their own ;) The residential area is a little ritzy too. There's an apartment complex in the area that the rents are about double what we pay here.

There's no guarantee that we will find a house to live in come March when our lease is up here. We aren't moving to another apartment. I'd rather stay here until I could afford a down payment for a mortgage. Brian feels the same. We like the management here and our neighbors don't bother us. The only reasons we really wanted a house was so we could have a yard for the dog, and a little extra cash to help pay down our debt. But if we use our tax return to pay off my car, we will be able to free up an extra $230 a month. ($190 for the car payment, and my insurance would be cut in half!)

I can't really see a downside other than not being able to move. Is it really a downside? hmm...

Anyway, Brian's got to work today and is going to put in for his transfer. It will be an exciting new chapter. There is always the option to transfer back or to another store, should we decide to go ahead and move anyway. So really... is there any risk? Mmm... a little. But that's half the fun :)


  1. If Brian likes and trusts his manager, it is good to hitch your wagon to the strongest horse, especially when they want to take you along for the ride. Best wishes!

  2. I third that. The best thing about moving forward with a plan is that you can always change it when you need to. ;) Can we trade neighbors? lol


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