Saturday, December 3, 2011


Remember how I wanted to get that scarf done for Brian? I started joking to my friends and family that I was working on one for him for winter.... next year because it was taking so long. Stupid popcorn stitch.

The hard part isn't the popcorns. It's working the back side, which is straight single crochet. Except for a while there I was dropping stitches. Each row is supposed to have 23 single crochet, so the front can have 7 popcorn with 2 single crochet in between each popcorn. A lot of ripping out and starting over. A lot of undone rows and curses to the heavens.

But I am finally making progress. I finally got it in my head to count the freakin' stitches and what do you know? It starts turning out like it's supposed to.

This isn't a "mindless" pattern. It's not something I can watch a movie while doing and end up looking great or even. It's one I really have to focus on. For that reason it is both a great pattern and a terrible pattern for me. Great because it's actually challenging to keep focused. Terrible because it's actually challenging to keep focused.

It's so long now that it's getting heavy to hold up as I work on it. It takes up over half of my desk as I work on it. My skein of yarn is getting squishy as the yarn is pulled out and its starting to collapse in on itself. I'd say I'm about 70% done with the scarf. About 40% of my second skein of yarn is gone. I may get it done in time for the baby to be born. I'm really booking it. I worked on it for 4 hours yesterday and another 2 so far today.

I also took some pictures. Because I needed to update my project page on Ravelry.

The pictures were hard to take... my belly kept getting in the way lol! But I am so happy to be getting this done with. I didn't have any trouble changing yarns like I usually do. I even got the ends to weave in unnoticed so I must be getting better.

Plus the yarn feels so soft. It's only part wool, but it feels just like it. So comfy. I think I found my new favorite yarn. Good thing it comes in like 40 thousand colors.

Next update will be the finished result. Hopefully which will be this week. I am going to try and get it done before Monday, as I have most of Sunday off.

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  1. I discovered this WONDERFUL little shop that sells yarn and tea leaves. The tea is excellent, the ladies were knowledgable and the yarn - oh so soft! Almost made ME want to pick it up! (but I need another hobby like a hole in the head - lol)


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