Friday, December 2, 2011

Hospital Bag Edition

Here's what I got for me and Brian-

* Travel sized toothbrush and tooth paste. 
* Trial deodorants. Brian got my favorite- the Axe Dark Temptations (smells like chocolate). Maybe he thinks I won't want to kill him in the delivery room if he smells like chocolate.
* Shampoo Conditioner because I can't read. (I picked some shampoo up the next day) 
* For me, Maxi pads. These are staying at home. Unfortunately, a huge necessity. And a pain in the ass to find. Did you know that I couldn't find these maximum absorption ones to save my life? All the brands they had on the shelf were for "light flow days" like wtf. But I found these stuffed in the back of a shelf with some dust on them. I will give them purpose.
* Heating pad. Although I'm not really sure I will need one, but it never hurts to be prepared.
* Lansinoh lanolin cream. This bad boy was $10 for less than 1.5 ounce tube... but you really do not need much at all. And it totally helps! A small pea sized amount is all I need and I only need it once a day. I went from cracked, bleeding, sore breasts to just sore in about 3 days.
* A night gown. It's a size 2x from Wal-Mart- but it fits me perfectly and with the baby bump it actually hits about mid-calf. It's perfect. Big, loose sleeves. Zipper from top to bottom. POCKETS. I'm a little bummed about a 2x but I'm not going to get hung up on it. In fact, I want another in blue. This one is pink.

Here's what I got for the baby- 

* A going home outfit, complete with matching hat. 
* A heavy receiving blanket to wrap him up in on the way home
* The baby book. I already filled out some of it- like the "How Mommy and Daddy felt when they found out" and "What Mommy and Daddy got at the baby shower"
* Baby booties from the baby shower cake. I can't wait to write his name, date, weight and length on them. I am so excited! 

I love the little extra padded knee area. Brian said its to clean our floors. Hahaha

Airplane! Vroom!

He's already a pro. 

It's not a bi plane... its a butt plane! hahaha

Aww the hat

Yes a matching blanket too! Yay!! 

Just look at how cute this baby outfit is! It makes me squeal and go AWWWWWWWWWWW every single time I see it. It's a 0-3 Months so I can't wait to put the little bugger in it! :>)

Is there anything else I need to pack? Besides clothes for me and Brian?

Ps That rocking chair is soooo comfortable. I sit in it for like an hour each day just because I can! 


  1. VERY smart about the pads! I'm sure they'll supply you with some in the hospital (but they'll also charge you/your insurance, for them). I remember trying to find the really heavey ones when I was recovering from my ovarian removal. It was AWEFUL! I almost gave up and went to Depends! A change of clothes for Brian might not be a bad idea - if you're in labor for a long time and he wants to freshen up w/o leaving the hospital. I know Sean feels like a new man with a clean shirt on.

  2. A few things I's suggest: Extra undies. Think 9 months of period happening at once. And it is very unpredictable. I also got some cute slipper socks for during labor-I didn't want those fugly hospital ones! Lastly mittens or baby socks & nail trimmers/file for his fingers. You'd be surprised how sharp those little things can be.

  3. Take your own towels and pillows.


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