Friday, December 2, 2011


My knee hurts worse than when I wrenched it at Zumba. It must be because I am carrying an extra 35 pounds on it and am pregnant. 

Or the fact that when you're pregnant everything is amplified pain wise. Today's agenda: Alternating heat and ice therapy and a shit ton of Excedrin. 

I woke up every half hour last night because I kept having the most realistic dreams my water broke. I mean, they were freaky! Probably because I couldn't ever properly fall asleep, it was so vivid. Of course I was wearing my same pajamas I actually wore to bed- I hadn't forgotten what they looked like yet, since I was still half-awake. 

I remember the bed being wet. My thighs wet.... water running down my calves. I remember getting up to go to the bathroom to towel off and a little gush of water coming out. I remember waking up Brian and telling him we needed to get the hospital bag around and he was freaking out, simultaneously excited that the baby was coming and worried about missing work. Hahaha. I kept saying over and over "the baby will be here in 24 hours!" because after your water breaks, they deliver the baby within 24 hours, since it no longer has the protection of the amniotic fluid. 


So glad it was all a dream. Or the same dream, several times over again. I'm still packing the hospital bag today. 

My Kindle sold for $65 in an hour. I'd like to think it's partly my witty ad writing and partly because I tweeted it/blogged it. Or maybe some crack head was up at 3 am on eBay waiting for some nutcase like me to post a Kindle for $65. Either way, I'm so happy it sold and I shipped it out first thing today. 

I'm finally past the half way mark with Brian's scarf. I should get a pic update for you all. It's really a pain in the ass. I promise- if you come across any patterns that tell you to popcorn stitch- just pass it up. Even if it's an "easy" stitch, doing it over and over again is a bitch in and of itself. I finally started the second ball of yarn a few days ago and have done 6 rows so far. It's now long enough to touch end to end around your neck, almost like a cowl. So progress is being made. He thinks it looks awesome and promised me its his most favorite scarf ever, even if I hate it by the time it's done with. Things I wish I had done differently: Pick a different pattern or use a bigger hook. Oh well, live and learn. 

I'm kicking it up old school today- 

Breakfast was a bowl of Marshmallow Mateys (generic Lucky Charms but with waaaay more marshmallows) 

Lunch was a turkey sandwich with American cheese and mayo on WHITE bread with a handful of Lay's chips and an ice-cold Dr Pepper.

I'm thinking dinner will be enchiladas! My favorite, and Brian's too. I'm pretty sure I'm going to put all the chicken in the crock pot and crank it up with some onion and green bell pepper, a little sauce and just let it become fall apart in your mouth delicious so I don't have to shred the chicken by hand. Then I can just plop it in the tortilla with some cheese and roll, baby, roll. 

So that's my game plan for the day. Crochet and ice/heat my knee, pack for the hospital, and make dinner for Brian. Oh, and work a little too. Hurray! Productive. 

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  1. Drool! i haven't made my chicken enchilladas in FOREVER! It's overdue! And if I do it crock pot style like you, it would be a GREAT dinner that doesn't require a ton of work for when My Sailor gets back - because I don't imagine we'll be wanting to do any sort of chores like cooking when he gets home... easy foods will be good. (and i should probably just be pro-active and buy ear plugs for our neighbors. lol)


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