Sunday, January 1, 2012

Back home.

We were sent home. No baby yet. Apparently my cervix is dilating slowly/backwards. I'm dilating at the bottom of it (opening to the birth canal) but not at the top (where the babys head is) I'm 3ish cm. it looks a bit like a cone, small on top, wide t bottom. Sent home til Wednesday morning. I was ok about being sent home.... Until I got home. Then I had a major melt down. Sleep made it better. We entered 2012 with the hopes of a baby and we will get one. Baby is fine so there was no reason to do a c section. We wait and see what Wednesday brings.


  1. Hang in there chika! Drake is just waiting on his perfect timing. :)

  2. he showing you baby is boss already :>) love you sweetie i know u sad , it all work out soon cant wait to meet drake love great gramma carol


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