Sunday, January 15, 2012

Some Like a Baby Nine Days Old

Last night, Brian called me. He had a collision while working, he had hit a wooden support for a hill. The front end of the car is smashed. We have to take it in the shop. The ironic part is, I just raised our deductible from $250 to $500 in an effort to lower our insurance premiums. Do you know what we save per year with a higher deductible? $14. Sigh. We have to come up with $500 to get the car fixed. Luckily, it's driveable, but needs to have a lot replaced. Thank God Brian wasn't hurt, and no one else was involved. Thank God also for full coverage insurance, as we were able to rent a car and get reimbursed for the tow (There's $50 of the $500!)


My family came over today. It was the first time my parents had seen the baby after we left the hospital. Brian and I were shooed away to take a nap (thank God) and mom, dad, and grandma took over. Mom and Grandma cleaned the entire apartment and Grandma went to the grocery store to buy us some food. We had almost nothing in our cupboards, sad really. We just haven't had time to go to the store. I was so thankful for the clean house and the groceries. Dad checked out the car and saw that there was nothing mechanically wrong with it. We needed someone who knew something about cars to give it a look over, so we don't get screwed at the mechanic's.

Every one oohed and awwed over the baby. We woke up at three and had some cookies and diet mountain dew. It was so nice to sleep and not have to worry about what was going on with Drake.


Pumping is going well, thanks to all the suggestions. I keep ice water with me at all times and suck it down with a straw. I have been able to produce 5 ounces on average per session. I am so thankful Drake can't latch on to me, because that kid has a strong sucking reflex and it would hurt. No, bottle feeding is definitely the way to go. We are still supplementing with formula, doing half and half... it seems to be working. Doing purely breast milk seems to go through him too quickly and he is eating every hour. But if we do half formula, he stays fuller longer and sleeps better. It's the best of both worlds. Eventually, he will be purely on breast milk, but for now, this is what is working for us at the moment.


I do have some of the baby blues. Not postpartum depression, which I was worried about. Depression runs in the family, so I am glad that I have so far avoided PPD. I do cry at the slightest things. Drake "smiling" in his sleep; when I look at his eye; when I read the referral to the ophthalmologist, and it said "evaluation and treatment of abnormally shaped pupil"; when Brian comes home and I ask him to watch the baby while I take a quick shower/nap/make dinner and he sighs heavily. I can't help it, I just start sobbing. No warning. No build up. And as quickly as they start, they stop. So I know it's hormones/baby blues. Stupid hormones.

Drake is healthy and thriving, which is what all mothers want to hear and see.

Quietly contemplating his next poop

What a precious face! This is what I stare at all day long.

Hard to believe it's already been nine days.


My pain is still there. All of yesterday and today, I felt pinching of two of the staples and it hurt really bad. Brian checked it out for me (I can't see the incision myself, thank God) and said that the two I thought were hurting were red and swollen. I think they are rubbing against my underwear. I have to wear underwear though, because I still need the pads. And that's all I will say on that subject. Monday I get the staples removed. Monday cannot come fast enough for me. I'm taking more Motrin than I am Percocet now, so I think I am in a transition period. Let's hope the pain goes away soon. Once it does, I know I will be a hundred times better... the pain pills make me twice as sleepy as normal, so it feels like I am constantly on "E" and I can never get enough rest. I feel fine until I have to take one again, then I get all sleepy.

Well, that's it for the update.


  1. Wow...glad Brian is okay...sounds like you have a great family.

  2. If you have any questions about what the ped opthamalogist will be like, feel free to email me. We are experts at this point but the first time was scary! You can do it, mama!

  3. Hey darling... Doesn't like baby blues to
    Me. More like hormones, those will be a little nutso for the next 3 months or so ;-) be prepared to feel
    Like weeping on occasion give it to it just not with baby in arms (they usually don't like sad momma's) it always amazed me what a kind of relief you can get from a good cry

  4. Pain meds do the same thing for me. When I was on Vic, I was sleeping all over the house on 1/2 dose!
    Since those staples are red, maybe consider putting some cushioning between them and your undies? I know it's probably a moot point now, since you're getting them out tomorrow.
    Hang in there chika!


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