Saturday, February 11, 2012


Today has been an incredibly stressful day. The bills for the birth have started to pour in, and after insurance, we owe about $24,000

Yes, 24 THOUSAND dollars. It's because I had to have a c-section, and all of our insurance coverage was used up on the stupid inductions that didn't work. So I am a little upset about all of this.

I'm currently going through all of our debts that we owe- the car, the credit cards, the medical bills, the student loans. Every last penny.

I am desperately in need of another job. I am applying to everything in hopes that I get something. Anything. I'd sell one of my kidneys right now if it paid off a debt.

So I took a Xanax. I am doing alright now, it's kicked in and the feeling of hopelessness has lessened. I know I will get through this. Everyone has lots of debt. I can get it under control. I've gone from "victim" mode to "fighter" mode now and you better believe I will come out swinging. I always do and I always manage.

I also haven't had any sleep Drake has decided that today, eh, he's not going to sleep. Which is fine. It's okay. It doesn't bother me.

Pumping is working again. I started taking fenugreek last night. I am taking 6- 610 mg pills a day and I went from pumping .25 ounces every hour to pumping 1 ounce every hour, so it IS working. I should be amplifying production to maximum in another 48 hours. That will cut $50 out of the budget. Maybe I will even make enough of a surplus that I can sell it. It's legal to sell and it sells pretty well actually, the going rate is somewhere around $1.50/ounce.

I also need a shower.

It's just not my day. But I am handling it rather well, thanks to my buddies Xanax and diet Dew. Also Brian helps a lot, he always brings me back from the edge of panic.

Have a good weekend, friends. Hope that none of you open any terrifying bills today.


  1. I was in that same position when my husband got cancer and went through chemotherapy. We owed thousands and are actually making out last payment this month. But my point is sometimes if you call the hospitals they will set up payments or even reduce or cancel your portion, especially if you are 'low income' at the moment.

    Best of luck in the job search!

  2. Ty is right...go and negotiate. From what my wife went through before we were married, she had some paperwork to fill out about her income as well that discharged much of the bill.

  3. dont stress until you call and negotiate like these other lovely people have told you (ps i wont say its first thing i told you to do cuz only bad moms say that )

  4. Hey there! Let me know if you'd like me to go over the professional medical fees with/for you! I'm free! I can't promise I can make the bills go down, but I can ensure that you're not getting overcharged (a classic move by MD's who just don't understand billing).
    Shoot me an email if you need some help.

  5. Oh no! I agree-negotiation is always an option. I hope it all works out for you. Just breathe & remember: It's only money. Stick with your priorities & don't let them bully you.

  6. Just remember - they can't repo the baby, so take your time! Most hospitals are fine if you just make small payments. Don't look at the lump sum. You should also inquire if your hospital offers free-care. A lot of hospitals do, and it tends to be under used because it's not well known. Call and ask what they can do for you.
    It's going to be ok.


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