Sunday, February 12, 2012

Weigh In Week 3

So... I think that this week was pretty much the week from hell. Despite tracking, and drinking lots of water, and even getting in some exercise, I am reporting a 4 lb gain. Yes.

I am on my lady time. My first real lady time. I can definitely tell my body is reacting much differently now. The cramps are much worse. The PMS is much worse. I was a little spit fire yesterday and not in a good way. I was lashing out at everyone and everything. I finally got re-lactated and things are going much more smoothly than before. I am positive that is also a contributing factor, since my bust is full and heavy again. Sounds like some bad line from a romance novel, right? "Her full bust was heaving with desire" bahahahah

Anyway, that is neither here nor there. I'm easily distracted today. Probably because it's easier than talking about a 4 lb gain.

All I can do is track, drink more water, keep hydrated, and keep to my points as best as possible. (I know it will go down quickly- yesterday I was at 238 and today I am at 235. One day at a time.

Drake was cranky yesterday and refused to sleep. He actually refused to do anything other than scream and eat. So it was a tough day. He fell asleep FINALLY at 11 pm and then stayed asleep until 9 am, only waking up to eat then going right back to sleep.

It was blissful.

I finally caught up on some sleep.

Thanks for all the kind words and support yesterday. I really needed it. Today is better. So far.


  1. I'm guessing with getting your lactation back on track, you'll start burning a lot more calories. I hear it is a real effort on your body to lactate. are doing the best thing for Drake that you can by breastfeeding to the greatest extent possible.

    You are one great mama!

  2. I 2nd what Kyle said. Your body is probably just hangin' onto some water. :)

    I gained 4 oz during my lady time this past week. While it may not seem like much, it was enough to take Onderland away. 199.9 last week, 200.3 this week. BLECH! Oh well! All we can do is keep making good decisions. The fat will come off.


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