Thursday, March 22, 2012

Holy Crap

Okay, so things here are just about as normal as they can get now that we have a baby. He takes up so much of my time that I don't want to do anything else but pass out when I get the chance (I take every chance) I feel bad I don't blog as much. Oh well.

But here is a little update:

Drake weighs 16 lbs now. He is 11 weeks old today. Time flies and he is really really heavy.

If there is anything all four of us (dog included) love more than driving around with the windows open and the wind in our collective hair/fur, we haven't found it.

We have a wasp infestation and we won't be able to get the exterminator in until Monday. I am scared shitless of wasps/bees as it is and having them around my baby has put me in a sort of panic mode. I forbade Brian to leave us alone today. (He was going to have a guy's night- I made him cancel)

I turned down that job offer when I realized they wanted me to completely down grade my computer in every conceivable manner and also open up ports in my firewall and get rid of my antivirus software. Red flags all over the place. I'm sure that they think it's no big deal, but to me, a company that boasts to let people work from home should not require a more advanced computer to DOWN GRADE, there should be minimum requirements and if you exceed those, great. Opening up firewall ports and removing respected anti-virus software is a huge no no.

Brian has had yesterday and today off and I have left Drake entirely in Brian's care while I do absolutely nothing but sleep and eat when I wake up from being hungry. I love it.

Tomorrow Drake is going to my parent's to stay the night all weekend! Yay!

Every weekend after this, I am going over to my parent's with Drake and we are going to bask in the glory of being with family, since Brian works all weekend, every weekend. It will be lots of fun, I think :)

Anyway, we are off to the grocery store. We are out of milk and some other essentials already, so we are all going. Drake loves the grocery store so we have a lot of fun. Brian pushes the cart, and I push him around in a little stroller. We zoom through the aisles and generally act like fools. :)

PS- this is blog post 1,000.


  1. Love big healthy babies!

    You are so lucky to have your mom close. My MIL is near, but I would drop dead if she were to actually take initiative to see her grandkids.

  2. Congrats on blog 1000. We need to see pictures of those big buff arms you're getting!


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