Friday, April 6, 2012

Did You Almost Sleep?

My mom, grandma and I play a game with the baby now called "did you almost fall asleep?"

Drake, like all children, freaks out when he realizes he just about fell asleep (or did fall asleep) and then cries. We could freak out about this (WTF BABY GO TO BED) or we could relax and realize that yes, he will sleep again. This is my number one issue... how cranky he gets before falling asleep for the night!

Ever since my mom and grandma started teasing Drake about falling asleep and how horrible it was for him, it's made me laugh and that keeps me sane.

What I do now, (and had to do for 2 hours today) was hold Drake close to me and talk in a really low voice, patting his back, and carrying on a conversation.

Me: I know, you almost fell asleep, it was scary wasn't it?
Me: What a horrible mommy you have, she almost let you miss something important
Me: I promise you don't have to go to sleep, why don't you hang out here with me?
Drake: WAILL
Me: Yeah, me and you, we will just hang out and watch some TV together, does that sound nice?
Me: You want to watch TV with me hunny? You do? Okay, then cuddle close to me.
Me: No, no, we aren't going to sleep. We are just cuddling.
Drake: Grunt?
Me: Yeah, it's okay to put your head down.
Drake: Coo?
Me: Mm-hmm. I know, your mommy is so mean to let you fall asleep.
Drake: Hrm?
Me: Yeah, you just relax.
Drake: *falls asleep*

And various other commentaries.

The hour before bedtime is the absolute worst. He just screams and screams and throws his bottle and his toys and just will not stop crying! It makes me go bonkers... but then I remember that blissful sleep is only an hour away or so, so I stick it out then he falls asleep and I hit the bottle take a nap.

Luckily for us, once he is down he is out for the night (unless he explodes his diaper) and sometimes we even get to sleep in until 9 am!

He's been refusing his bottle a lot the last few days too. Man is that frustrating. I keep thinking of the Louis CK sketch (NSFW- strong language)

I laugh so hard at this every time... because it's the truth. Ask any parent.

So that's the daily parental frustrations.

I sorted through some of his clothes and came up with a whole bag full that don't fit anymore. Crazy how much this kid has grown. I look at him and think, wow, I can't imagine him getting any bigger than he already is!

I tracked everything I put in my face today- including the regular Dr Pepper. Man that takes up a lot of points. It sucks. But at least I am tracking and trying really hard to keep myself accountable.

This is going to be a fun weekend. I found out Brian gets off work Saturday at 4 pm instead of 8 pm, and he has Sunday off for Easter and Monday off as his regular day off so we are going to have a lot of fun! I love spending time together as a family.

Brian's brother just came by and I am hiding in the bedroom, mostly because I am working, but I figured I'd let him have some alone time with his brother and let them hang out. Although I am pretty hungry...

Anyway, I'm outtie. Have a happy Easter all! I still gotta find somewhere that will let us take pictures with the Easter bunny dammit! I WANT MY MEMORIES


  1. Awe! That is the cutest game. They grow in a blink-believe it.

  2. I don't know if he's a sound sleeper but a friend suggested a dream diaper change when my monkey stopped sleeping through the night @ 3 months. She would go down at 8 ish then before I went to bed I changed her right in her crib and she started sleeping her 14 hours again :-)


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