Thursday, April 5, 2012

Lack of Updates

Anyone else notice the lack of updating on this blog or is it just me? It seems there are really not enough hours in the day lately.

But a lot did happen, so I'll catch you up.

-Saturday Drake and I went to my parent's house. They watched the baby while I worked.
-I went to the grocery store with both my mom and my grandma. Once to get my pills and once to do some actual grocery shopping (graciously paid for by my mom! YAY)
-I went to a second hand baby store twice on Saturday- Once with my grandma and once with my mom. The first time, I bought an automatic baby swing for $20, $10 of which my grandma gave me. It has 9 different speeds, 2 different music tunes, and it runs off of batteries, and has a 40 minute timer. It was a huge steal!! Drake loves it. Grandma also bought him a couple of outfits
-The second time I went to the store, it was 30 minutes later with my mother. She bought us another carseat ($55, retailed for $100) and some more clothes.
-We left Drake at my parent's house Saturday night and Brian and I enjoyed some alone time together. "alone time" meaning I beat Mass Effect 1 and started Mass Effect 2, and did another Let's Play of the Sims 3 for my YouTube channel, while Brian watched and made jokes. Nerrrrds.
-Sunday I was back at my parent's and Drake was in a state of hibernation. I really wish I was kidding, but I'm not. He slept ALL DAY LONG. As in, he didn't even really eat. Maybe 15 ounces all day, and that was on the high end. He normally eats 30+ a day.
-Brian picked us up at 1:00 AM when he got off work and we went home.

I highlighted my hair Monday. It's very blonde. I love it.
I did 3 loads of laundry tonight and 2 loads of dishes.
I got a check from Survey Savvy in the mail today for $40 woohoo! With that money, I can pay off 2 medical debts, hallelujah!
I have been tracking and trying not to stuff my face full of shit every day. So far, I convinced myself I did not need a milk shake from Steak n Shake, even though they are half price AND they have a brownie shake. I know, I feel like a winner. EPIC!

On the chopping block for the rest of the week:

-Sorting out baby clothes that no longer fit and taking them into the baby store for store credit.
-Doing laundry and getting it all put away
-Working all weekend!
-Going to the parent's again. This is a weekly thing now.
-Celebrating Easter! Brian
-Depositing all of our spare change and making more credit card payments! Hurray!
-Shaving my legs. I look like a very light haired lumberjack. No offense to lumberjacks. If I had the cajones I'd get my legs waxed but I'm officially the biggest wuss ever. I'm sure recovering from a c-section would be a cake walk compared to having all the hair ripped out of your body by a complete stranger. Even worse if it is yourself doing all the pulling. Eeek.

Mm, cake.

Also, somehow I got to come up with another $500 to build my savings back up. I'm thinking of pimping out Brian's plasma. I can't donate and he has the rare blood type, also he said he would do it anyway. I am ineligible to donate for 3 reasons 1) I have had a baby in the last year, 2) I have had a surgery in the last six months and 3) I have had a blood transfusion in the last year. I'm sure I could lie about it... but I'm honest. What can I say?

Anyway, off to finish a few more hours of work and then probably try and catch a little shut eye before the hatchling wakes up. He's been waking up awful early the last few days- 5 am! Normally we get to sleep in until 8 or 9. I know, spoiled we are. Pay back, it is.  Talking like Yoda, I am.


  1. Have a wonderful Easter weekend!

  2. Sounds like some good progress!

    Hey - if it helps you not stuff your face, try jotting down how much money you're saving by not buying something your body doesn't need! Throw that amount into savings and you might see it grow! Every little bit counts (but I can tell you already know that - Survey Savvy check! Nice!). Don't forget to check out services like! You can order stuff shipped to the store (like Walmart) AND you get money back on it!

    If you sign up, use my email and do a girl a solid! I get $5 for everyone I recommend that spends $25 on ANY product and ANY retailer!

    I also earn points by searching using my Swagbucks tool bar. In 2 months of basically doing what I'd normally do online, I've earned over $5 in paypal money (which is real money too).

    Happy Easter!


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