Saturday, April 7, 2012

Stalkin' Your Mom

Ah Facebook, king of the social media stalking websites. Cracks me up that any one pretends otherwise.

Oh don't get me wrong, I totally use it for stalking like everyone else so I am not throwing stones at glass houses or whatever that saying is.

Anyway, a former friend from high school added me on Facebook like um yesterday? or was it today? The funny thing is, I have not talked to this person since graduation.

I knew it was basically one of two things: She just had a baby so she is trying to glean parenting advice or someone else who is going through the same things so she can vent/feel normal like any overwhelmed mom or she is stalking. Which is fine. Her husband and I dated for like a month way back in freshman year of high school, so maybe he's the one stalking me. I have no idea. I'm not really concerned either way. Just interesting that after 6 years (holy shit has it really been 6 years?!) that she is now adding me.

Maybe she found my YouTube videos and thinks I'm hilarious! I don't know. Which brings me to the next thing: I have been cracking up like crazy. I get lots of new subscribers and comments on my videos every day and lately I've been getting a lot of "haters". I laugh because each one of them says the same thing: "I hate your laugh!" Some even go as far as to say it's fucking annoying or that they are scared by it. This just makes me laugh. I don't bother replying (to them or anyone really- I think that's the key to popularity- ignore them!) but I do leave them up. Some people come to my defense. Some just say how they love my laugh. One asked me if I was single.

I get a kick out of the whole YouTube thing. I have three times as many subscribers on YT than I do as blog followers, and 3 times as many video views as I do blog views. Who knew I'd be more popular talking than writing, since I hate to talk to people I don't know and love to write about it instead? Irony, folks. Irony.

Drake is ...acting weird... for a baby. I guess he's still spurting his growths or some such because he is sleeping a lot and refusing bottles. But he is getting some to eat, maybe 20 or so ounces, so about 2/3 of what he normally gets. I am a little concerned, although I am trying to play it cool. He's still pooping regularly and wetting normally, so I don't think it's a bug. He's normal temp too. He's happy when he's awake as well, so I don't know. I'm going to chalk it up to growth spurt and just be thankful I get to pass out an hour earlier every night.

Diaper rash is back. Man... I feel like a terrible person. He has diaper rash on his little uhmmmm gonads and when I put cream on it, he wailed and wailed... guess it was a little sensitive. So I have been doing lots of wiping and drying of little baby bits today. It's starting to look better. I have wipes with aloe in them and lots of baby powder and Boudreaux's butt paste, so things are heading in the right direction. It breaks my heart to see him fuss and cry during a diaper change, normally he is so happy during them. I think I'll let him "air out" again and just put him on a towel (or two) and let him piss all over himself for shits and giggles. Also naked baby pics.

I've been tracking everything I have been putting in my face hole this week and so far so good. I'm definitely feeling the hunger, you know... the Oh-Em-Gee I am eating normal portions and my stomach is screaming for more food because I am not used to this shit hunger. I'm also having day dreams of killing my own game and cooking it in a log cabin because I am strange like that. Been watching too much Man Vs Wild. I may end up killing squirrels tomorrow with the blow gun. Because I am awesome. I might be joking. We'll see what kind of mood my dad is in.

Brian and I were talking about living off the land and foraging for our own food, shooting deer and rabbits and whatnot, living in a log cabin... we both are in love with the romanticism of it. Definitely would be the best diet since you know we'd probably slowly starve to death. Win!

Okay, enough rambling on now. I'm going to go play some sims or something.


  1. Sounds to me like he's in a growth spurt, it wears a baby out!

    Secondly watch his rash if it doesn't clear with butt paste try jock itch cream-it could be a yeast infection.


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