Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Lately I have just been feeling so overwhelmed. I think it is because of all the changes happening lately.

Brian getting a new job
I've been working at least 6 hours a day, 7 days a week for the last three weeks. This weekend was my first "real" day off in 3 weeks.
I've been watching my weight watchers like a hawk and doing the best that I can to track everything honestly and be as accurate as possible
Making time for friends
Making time for exercising
Making time for cleaning and re-organizing
Making sure that I am taking care of me first. Doing my hair/makeup/getting dressed and showering regularly since fighting depression requires this.

I did do something really nice for myself and I have been doing it every day and that is rubbing myself with this lovely Japanese Cherry Blossom body butter from Bath & Body works. My uncle's girlfriend (pseudo-aunt) got us this lovely sampler pack for Christmas for my mom, my grandma, and me. I can't remember the fragrance my mom got, but my grandma got Moonlit Path, which is my absolute favorite, so I took the JCB and it is heavenly. I slather it on my feet and hands daily and I have really noticed a difference. I also have been putting on cocoa butter over my stomach for the stretch marks and c-section incision and it is looking lots better as well. I feel like I'm the softest I've been in a long time.

Sunday I had a horrible hang over, I had 3 beers, 2 mixed drinks, and 3 shots, which is way more than I have had in a long long time, so I was feelin' the hurt. Happy Mother's Day, here's your aspirin and water. Get me my face mask. Mummy's got a hang over.

I've discovered the one thing I hate about parenthood: Laundry. The laundry never ends. It's now worse than I ever imagined. I have a limited amount of clothing that actually fits me from being pregnant and fat for so long, so I run through clothes quickly.

No clothes + baby vomit = laundry.

Brian likes to have clean clothes for work.

Work clothes + baby vomit = laundry.

Drake throws up on himself.

Baby clothes + baby vomit = laundry.

I finally broke down and bought myself some nice smelling laundry detergent and some liquid fabric softener. Might as well have nice soft wonderful smelling clothes if I am going to be slaving away at the laundry piles all day long. Seriously, I need a rake to get through it all.

One thing that has helped me keep my sanity though is my dear friend Carissa. I love her to pieces, she is probably my best friend since moving to the city. I just get along with her so well. She is so beautiful too, she really inspires me to keep on track and keep going to Zumba and keep trying. I may not ever look exactly like her or be her size, but she reminds me that I can be beautiful once again. I know my beautiful sexy hot body is hiding somewhere in this flub. I just need to keep on keepin' on.It's been so refreshing to hang out with her and to go to Zumba with her and just be around her. I feel like I was really missing out on being with out friends for so long.

I feel happier knowing that I have someone I can talk to that I am not related to any more haha :)


  1. Sometimes the mundaness of life is seriously overwhelming. Zumba is so much fun & having a friend to share it with is amazing. You are on the right track.

  2. It does sound like you have a lot on your plate! I'm like you and take time to pamper myself to unwind. I hope this week is less stressful for you.

    Good luck with everything!

  3. I know it's late but Happy Mother's Day. I hate laundry as well, I have been know to buy new socks, just so I don't have to wash the whites.


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