Friday, May 18, 2012

Push On Through the other side!

Poor baby is teething! It's so funny as yesterday, he was chewing on my finger and his gums felt level and fine. Today, his tooth is actually erupting through the gum line, and it's already started crowning. I can feel the ridges in the tooth, and more importantly, can see them.

I stocked up on baby orajel.

Good thing too, because although he hates it when I put it on, he is SUPER happy when it starts working. He goes from cranky to happy instantly. I'll be so sad when it quits working.

I can't help but be a happy mama... I mean, I know I should feel bad he is not feeling his best and in pain, but I am just so proud of my little man, he's growing up too fast.

I'm going to go sob about the good ol' days when he was just a wee babe.

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  1. LOL!! Yes, he'll be off to college in no time!! You can fold a wash cloth like a triangle, dip the point in water & freeze it. Then give it to him to chew on-they really like it! I know some people let their kids nub on frozen waffles too. But with both I'd keep a close eye so he doesn't choke!


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