Sunday, July 1, 2012

Dark Wayne

Sorry if I seem quiet, I'm staying at my parents along with my son, husband, and dog because we lost power on Friday due to bad storms. Nearly 95% of Fort Wayne's service was interrupted with little hope it will come back on before late Wednesday night. There are 5 adults, 2 dogs, a cat, and a baby here in this tiny house. I love my parents and appreciate the place to stay... But I miss being home and I know it sucks for them as well lol. But we are all doing okay. Max is having the hardest time because he's in the garage and removed from us a lot of the time so he's wigging out. He wasn't going to be able to stay with us but boarding isn't an option with Max due to his delicate nature. He's having a hard time adjusting here lol Friday 78,000 people were without power. Today 12,000 people had power restored. It is slow going. Follow the news on Twitter via #darkwayne Pray our power comes back soon, as the whole city is in chaos


  1. I'm glad you got power back and that your family is safe! Hope your week is wonderful.

  2. Jeez. This gives me flashbacks to last year. We had two outages due to major storms: one in the summer for three days and one in the winter for four or five (I can't remember). We stayed here (everyone else was out of power, too; our whole city was out, and hundreds of other cities in New England). I hope you get yours back soon (hell, hopefully you've already got it).


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