Friday, February 15, 2013

Medicated. Sedated. Placated.

Ah, so I had gone off my medicine for a while and that turned out to bad.

I was pretty bitchy. Sorry, all. I didn't know how badly I needed to be medicated to just live a normal life. And it's okay, I'm cool with it. Brian, who is more anti-pill than I am, says that he would rather have me taking medicine to be happy and normal than mean and bitchy all the time. Good man.

I've started up Weight Watchers again. I was doing really good on the program and now I am not pregnant and living a reduced-debt life, I can afford the meals again. Woot.

So I stocked up on those. I also got a little notebook to write down my meals and how I feel after each one, whether or not I am full or still hungry. The hardest part is going to be saying no to Drake, as he loves to mooch off of my food and throws a hissy fit if I don't share. Quality parenting, right there.

Harry Potter party was ... not a party. More like me and a friend watched Chamber of Secrets and talked. It was really nice to have some one on one time with a girl friend. I appreciated it so much, I'm actually sending her a hand written thank you note in the mail. Yeah, that should show you how desperate I was for some human interaction.

I didn't realize this, but apparently we got a state refund as well. It was a nice surprise as we usually end up either owing them a little or only getting a little back, but this year it was a significant return. We shoved that money in savings and I am glad that we did, as Brian needs to go to the dentist tomorrow as an emergency appointment. Yay.


At least we have the money, and that is what it is for, emergencies. It won't take us too long to get back where we were, as I'm only going for $500 as an emergency savings and we had nearly 3x that.

I'm trying not to stress on it, as I am the one who has to be supportive now and make sure that he gets the help he needs for his teeth. Anyone got a goat I can sacrifice to the ADA?

Also- does anyone else get insane amounts of spam? I get a lot of "comments" but Blogger catches them all as spam which they are, but I am just curious if it's only me?

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  1. No comment spam problems on this end, but I do get a lot of spam comments on my adoption blog. Go figure!

    Maybe you can bring something Drake can eat with you when you sit down to a meal and "pretend" it's yours until he's over this phase?


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